Friday, April 10, 2009

Setting Direction- more participants allowed

Just heard that the Phase 3 has been opened up to 1000 participants (rather than the original 500) because it filled up so quickly. Anyone who is on the waiting list is automatically registered. It's a good sign that so many people are still keen to speak on this issue, even after two previous rounds of consultation Tells me there's a lot to say!!

Anyone else who is interested--- visit the Inspiring Education website to register. (see previous blogs for address or just google it.)

It just occured to me that a very short time ago--- about 9 years ago--- I had to ask someone how to show me to do a "google" search. We also looked at Dogpile and Ask Jeeves because at that time google wasn't yet ruler of the land. It's wild to think how much everything is just "a google away" now. I wonder if we will, in 10 years time, look back on this era and see it as we now see the pre-AIDS time. Free to go wherever, to any site, and connect with anyone via any blog or twitter, with nary a thought of the consequences and how we have compromised everyone we are connected with... but I digress....

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