Monday, May 11, 2009

Board Agenda- Tuesday

Tuesday's meeting looks light to me. Sorry for this late post... but the weekend was a blur of Mother's Day celebrations and sunshine. (and I got a new bike!!)

For the full agenda, with reports, visit:

Here's the quick overview:
Improving Student Achievement- report from Westlock Elementary
An Act to Follow- 36 individuals recognized for outstanding contribution to the District
Locally Developed Courses to be Approved- some continuing, some new (Advanced techniques in Sculpting and Pre-Engineering). This list makes me want to go back to school. Our students certainly have a stunning array of choices.
Transportation Fees- ETS services plan 16% increase. We are funded at 3% increase from the Govt. Board will look at the idea of covering the shortfall with our transportation surplus, rather than pass on increases to parents.
Joint Use Agreement: Land. New type of reserve land called Community Services Reserve to be established.
ASBALE Survey- ASBALE stands for Alberta School Boards Association for Language Education.
Early Years Policy- Draft for Board's consideration, outlining critical importance of the 0-5 years.
Conference Report- (item 10)- Leadership Services designation, our ASBA Friends of Education nomination, Board position on local bargaining, change to Request for Information process.
Withdrawal of Trustee Gibeault's motion re: the travel ban (in light of the fact that it was lifted earlier this week)

As always, our meeting starts at 6 PM. All welcome. Free parking underground. This one should be finished by 9 PM, I'm guessing.

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