Sunday, June 7, 2009

Board agenda- Tues.

Quite a few things packed into our last public board meeting of the school year.

(Check the link on under "helpful links" to see complete agenda and access all the reports.)

2. Multicultural Task Force: Recommendation Report What does "Canadian values" mean to you? Feedback would be appreciated on the idea of doing three readings in one evening.

We will be discussing the budget for next year and I will be bringing forward some of the key comments I heard from schools and central departments.

3. Board Review of 2009-2010 Plans and Expenditures Budget

4. Edmonton Public Schools' Three-Year Education Plan 2009-2012

5. External Member on Audit Committee This is something I wanted to know more about... and here's some pros and cons of having someone with financial expertise sit on our audit committee. Thoughts??

6. Responses to Board Requests for Information this report includes info on lost instructional minutes due to late buses (special needs), the feasibility of a 4 day school week

7. Motion re Geothermal Heating

-Carried forward from May 26, 2009 Board Meeting. To be debated. The question is should we encourage the Minister of Education to think about a geothermal pilot for the next round of P3 schools? Originator: Trustee Dave Colburn

8. Motion re Special Needs Education Task Force Originator: Trustee Dave Colburn. Should we follow the footsteps of the Aboriginal and Multicultural task forces to hear from special needs parents/educators/organizations?

9. Motion re Additional Monthly Trustee Meeting This one is mine. To allow more opportunities for trustee discussions on items of interest to the Board. Dialogue vs. debate, collaboration time, a means to bounce ideas off each other and seek advice from colleagues...these are some of the themes I will explore. Currently, our time together is largely focused on addressing administrative/District needs and there is (in my opinion) limited opportunity for trustees to bluesky, innovate, collaborate, consult, create or share best practices.

10. Motion re High School Representatives Symposium Originator: Trustee Esslinger... This idea builds upon my idea of creating a forum to hear from students.

11. Delegation of Authority - 2009 Summer Recess

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