Friday, September 18, 2009

Board Agenda- Sept. 22

Here's the main meat of next Tuesday's meeting-- to read any of the reports, click here:

Please note, we've moved "Comments from the Public and Staff Groups" up toward the front of the meeting, following "Improving Student Achievement"- so anyone can come forward at that point and address the Board on any educational topic for 2 minutes, without needing to pre-register. (Meeting starts at 6 PM. "Comments" would probably happen around 6:30 PM.)

O Canada, Minutes, Comments from the Board Chair& Superintendent.
Improving Student Achievement

3. Health and Wellness: REAL Kids and APPLE Schools Update

G. NOTE: Comments from the Public and Staff Group Representatives

H. Reports

4. Report #1 of the Conference Committee (From the Meeting Held September 15, 2009)

5. Funds for 2010-2011 Professional Improvement Program

6. Motion re Breakdown of Board's Budget (This is my motion- it will be withdrawn because the information was provided over the summer to all trustees.)

7. Motion re Leadership Recognition Program (This is Trustee Rice's motion.)

8. 2008-2009 Board Evaluation Summary Report (As Chair of this committee, I will be delivering this report.)

Trustee Requests for Information, Notices of Motion.

My prediction: This meeting will be completed on time- finishing by 9 PM. Hope to see you there.

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