Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School Act Revision- EPSB submission

As you may be aware, the Minister of Education is intent upon opening up the School Act in the spring. The School Act lays out all the legislation around education- in essence, what school boards can and cannot do. It runs the gamut from expectations for student conduct to how a Superintendent is selected, from limitations on how a school board can assess an additional school levy (tax) or conduct its business to the process for teacher dismissal, etc. etc. etc. It also includes some rather obscure bits and bobs, like recognizing World Farmer's Day (no doubt a worthy day, but odd in that it is singled out for legislative attention!).

The Inspiring Education consultations that have been held on across the province for the past six months will conclude on Oct. 20 with sessions entitled: "New Governance Framework", "New Policy Framework" and "Preparing for Change". Although it may not have been abundantly clear to the participants of the Inspiring Education dialogues how their feedback was going to be used to inform decisions regarding changes to the School Act, it should be known by all members of the public that how schools are governed is being evaluated at this time.

Provincial educational associations like PSBAA (Public School Board Association of Alberta) are being asked to make submissions to the government outlining the changes they would like to see considered. (You can read their submission on their website....just google "PSBAA, Alberta" or check my twitter post last week for the link.) As well, individual school boards have been invited to prepare submissions. At EPSB, we trustees are just putting the finishing touches on our first draft, which we would like to share with you, the public, prior to sending it on to the Minister. Our draft will posted on our epsb.ca website very soon. We welcome your input on this important discussion as we believe the future of our education system will undoubtedly be shaped by this piece of legislation. I apologize that the time lines are tight (approx. 2 week turnaround), but ask that you consider setting aside some time to read our submission, share it with others and provide your feedback.

Questions to consider: What is essential to you? What would you like to see changed? What should be preserved?

I will post again once the link is up.

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