Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tues, Nov. 10 board meeting

Tuesday's board meeting, with all the attached reports can be found here:

There is a lot of policy work in this meeting- early years, records, public delegations to board- as well as updates on work in the early years and Aboriginal education.

Item #11 contains two items that may be of interest to the parents and community members: how widespread is the use of restorative justice in our schools and an update on community use of gyms. (Joint Use Agreement)

The meeting starts at 6 PM. I'm guessing this one will finish on time (9PM). Hope to see you there! Feel free to identify yourself to me.

The items for the meeting are:

Roll Call

B. O Canada - L'Académie Vimy Ridge Academy

C. Remembrance Ceremony

L'Académie Vimy Ridge Academy Remembrance Ceremony

D. Communications from the Board Chair

E. Communications from the Superintendent of Schools

F. Minutes:

2. Board Meeting #4 - October 27, 2009- These minutes will be posted November 13, 2009.

G. Comments from the Public and Staff Group Representatives

H. Reports

Report #3 of the Conference Committee (From the Meeting Held November 3, 2009)

Motion re Public Engagement

Reaffirmation of District Priorities

Policy Review - JBG.BP - Retention of Records and Objects Moved to CN.BP - Managing District Information

The Early Years: An Overview and Update

Proposed Early Years Policy

Policy Review JAB.BP - Formal Delegations, Presentations and Comments to the Board

Aboriginal Education Policy and Regulation Implementation Plan Update: Year Two

Responses to Board Requests for Information

12. Committee, Board Representative and Trustee Reports (NO ENCLOSURE)

I. Trustee and Board Requests for Information

J. Notices of Motion

K. Meeting Dates

L. Adjournment

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