Friday, February 5, 2010

School Closure recommendations

On Tuesday, Feb. 9 the Board of Trustees will be debating and voting on two very key administrative recommendations. Both are to "consider closure". If these recommendations pass, the school closure process, as mandated by the School Act will be initiated. This involves holding public meetings over the next couple of months. After those requirements are met, the Board typically sees a final recommendation to actually close schools. This will happen in March, before the passport process is started so that parents do not register for schools that may not exist in September.

The step to consider closure is a critical decision and should not be underestimated. To the best of my knowledge, once this step is taken, closure is almost always the final result.

Here is the link for the City Centre report, which recommends closing three schools:

Here is the link for the Hardisty area report, which recommends closing two schools:

I will post my comments here to let you know what I said in the debate. I will also post here how I voted and why. Although these schools are not in my ward, I feel an enormous weight as I consider this issue.

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Grovenor said...

Thought I'd pass along some data about Parkdale School, which is among the buildings recommended for closure in the city centre area. For fun, I'm going to do it Harper's Index style.

452: Number of EPSB K-9 students living in the Parkdale attendance area.

473: ACOL capacity at Parkdale School.

187: Enrolment at Parkdale School.

265: Net loss of EPSB students from Parkdale to other, likely more prosperous, communities.

Millions: The scale of the wealth transfer out of Parkdale.

9.7: Percentage increase in the number of preschool children living in Parkdale since 2005.

1: Obvious conclusion that there is no demographic crisis; rather, a school which should be realigned with the community to better meet its needs while bringing needed education funding to the area.