Friday, March 19, 2010

Board Agenda- March 23

For complete Board Agenda and attached reports, visit website:
and click on March 23. Red below may be of interest.


A. O Canada
B. Roll Call
C. Communications from the Board Chair
D. Communications from the Superintendent of Schools
E. Minutes:
  1. Board Meeting #12 - March 9, 2010
- These minutes will be posted March 24, 2010.
F. Recognition
   2. Edwin Parr Teacher Award

G. Comments from the Public and Staff Group Representatives  (This is your opportunity to address the board, for 3 minutes. No need to register in advance.)

H. Reports
   3. Motion re Capacity Measures for Sector Reviews  (My motion re: rescinding the use of the provincially calculated formula based on square footage. see previous blogs.)
    4. Motion re Creating a District Health and Wellness Committee  (Trustee Colburn's motion.)
    5. Sakinah Circle Alternative Program (7:00 p.m.)  (re: possible new Islamic program)
    6. Child Study Centre Alternative Program: Addition of Kindergarten (7:30 p.m.) (re; Garneau School)
    7. Financial Reporting Profile
    8. Delegations re Possible School Closures (8:00 p.m.)
- Delegation from Community Response to Urban Disorder (CRUD) re Parkdale School
- Delegation from Multicultural Health Brokers Coop re McCauley School
- Delegation from the Muttart Foundation re McCauley School
    9. Responses to Board Requests for Information  (worth reading- interesting info on Fulton day care annex, special levy, funding, etc.)
   10. Committee, Board Representative and Trustee Reports
         - Upcoming Topics of Discussion for April 8-10 PSBC Meeting

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