Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Board meeting outcome- Feb. 9

Last night all the motions on the floor passed ($2000 transfer to Board Chair's PD account and adding strategic plan item to all conference meeting agendas from the Conference meeting and my motion regarding reviewing Space Utilization admin reg and creating board policy).

I put forward the following request for information:

- That the most recent City of Edmonton data regarding number of preschool-aged children be provided for the communities of Fulton, Capilano, McCauley, Parkdale, Eastwood, Delton and Spruce Avenue.

I also put forward the following motion, which will be debated on March 23:
- That the provincially calculated ACU be discontinued as a capacity measure for Sector Reviews and that the administration provide rationale for either ACOL or OEL to be used in its place.

translation of the acronyms:
ACU- is a capacity measure developed by the province (and the only one they currently recognize) based on square footage of the building and includes space like hallways and gymnasiums.

ACOL- is a capacity measure developed by EPSB that multiplies the number of classrooms by the recommended class size (as set out by the Alberta Commission on Learning or ACOL). It does not include hallways or gymnasiums.

OEL-or Optimal Enrolment Limit is a capacity measure calculated by EPSB Planning Dept. in consultation with the Principal. It takes into consideration the particular students and their needs. 60% of our schools currently have OEL and these are used primarily to set a "cap" to prevent over-crowding.

It is my opinion that these measures present an increasingly detailed or specific view of capacity. They go from a 30,000 ft. view (ACU) right down to the ground-level view (OEL).

You can read my previous blog post   which talks about my rationale for not supporting ACU as a capacity measure for sector reviews, using Delton School as a concrete example.

As always, I'm open to people telling me why I'm wrong.... I welcome comments from all viewpoints.

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