Thursday, March 18, 2010

Environmental Policy seeks input

A while back, I started raising the idea of an environmental policy for EPSB. I felt that this was a critical part of being a good steward of our resources, "walking the talk" for our students who study environmentalism in the curriculum, and being good corporate citizens. I argued that even Walmart had an environmental policy, so shouldn't EPSB?

When our Purchasing Policy came up for review, I noted that is was only focused on getting competitive pricing and favouring local vendors when possible. I asked if environmental considerations should be included in our purchasing policy. I argued that people today expect more than just the "cheapest price", they want to know we've acted ethically and envrionmentally as well. The board reviewed the matter and an amendment was made to give clear direction on the matter, adding environmental and ethical components.

I requested a report on the status of environmental activity in the district. I knew there were environmetnal actions being taken at individual schools, but I wasn't sure of the scope. The report came to board and it was clear that many people in our district felt it was important to be "green". Our custodial workers were strong advocates for green products, for instance. But what was clear from the report is that we lacked cohesion and consistency across the District.  This could only come about through clear board direction, through a policy.

Finally, all the pieces came together and a draft of an over-arching environmental policy was crafted. It was a great day when I could see the concrete expression of all the talking!  Now, it's your turn. Please give your feedback on the draft policy before April 14th.  Click on the following link to read the policy and fill in the survey. I look forward to seeing what you say. (I am on the Policy Committee that reviews all the feedback.)

Feel free to pass this link on to anyone who has an interest in environmental issues.

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