Monday, April 12, 2010

Board meeting re: school closures

Sorry I'm late posting this agenda...the last few days have been a little hectic. Tuesday's agenda is entirely focused on the school closure recommendations. If you wish to speak about a particular school closure recommendation, you can do so by registering with Anne Sherwood (Board Secretary) by NOON on Tuesday, April 13. You need to tell her your name and which school you would like to speak about.

If you miss that deadline, you can still come to the meeting and speak during the "Comments from Staff and Public" item of the agenda. You don't need to register for this spot. Just come down and line up at the microphone when the Board Chair announces it. In both cases, you will have 3 minutes to speak, which isn't a lot of time, so I suggest you write out your comments and time them. Try to be mindful of all the other comments and if you see duplication, you can simply agree with the previous speaker(s) and then emphasize the part of your speech that is new and unique. It's going to be a long meeting. I anticipate we will be there until 10 or 11 PM, so be prepared for that.

I don't advise bringing children to the meeting, as it is a very emotional event and I don't think keeping them up late on a school night is in their best interests. I know people want to remind the trustees that this is about children, but I would encourage parents to think carefully about the cost to their children of being in such a heated environment.  I believe children deserve a voice, but I also think we as parents need to ensure that this happens in a safe and healthy way. At this point, if you wish your child to have a voice, I would encourage you to act on their behalf and relay their message, rather than putting them in front of the microphone.

Here's the agenda, with all the reports attached. It's a lot of reading....

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Miranda said...

Thank you for fighting for Fulton! Although it was not the result I hoped for, your efforts were not in vain.

~Appreciative Fulton Parent.