Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Board outcomes- Eastwood

Eastwood has 106 students. Daycare/Headstart has 14-18 students

What I heard from public consultations, (among other things): safety concerns, what is a reasonable walk distance? concern re; loss of the out of school program, loss of hot lunch program, safety issues in the area without a school, noted neglected condition of the gym (peeling paint), appreciation for year-round modified calendar.

I am concerned about extremely low numbers at Eastwood. I supported the closure with the caveat that I felt a better designated school would be Parkdale than Delton. I had asked parents at Eastwood about this and they said of course that they didn't want their school to close, but they would prefer to go to Parkdale than Delton. They knew Parkdale, it was connected with their school already, it was in "their" neighbourhood and they felt a kinship with that school. They also saw it as a way to keep one school in the area. I felt that the community concerns raised about losses if Eastwood closed, could be better answered or offset at Parkdale than Delton. For instance, Parkdale has an excellent out of school care and offers the hotlunch program. As well, both Eastwood and Parkdale offer the year- round modified calendar. This could be continued at one site. Delton does not offer the modified calendar.

Concerns about capacity of Delton to act as receiving school for both Eastwood and Parkdale. If however Eastwood were to combine with Parkdale, there would be 201 elementary students- a viable number in my opinion.

Votes: 7-1 with Colburn opposing

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