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Letter to all Ward C- input on upcoming sector reviews

This is a letter being sent out to all parents involved in the upcoming sector reviews in Ward C. I'm posting it here so community members will also learn of their opportunity to provide feedback.

April 7, 2010

Change is Coming ‐ Edmonton Public Schools Sector Planning Review

In the fall of 2009, Edmonton Public Schools initiated a Sector Planning Review for the Greater Hardisty
and City Centre Areas. As we enter the spring of 2010, sector planning reviews will begin in three
sectors. We’ve attached a map to this letter so you can see which sectors are being reviewed.
We are sending this letter to let you know a public engagement process to discuss the sector review
will be starting soon, and to ask for your input to help us plan opportunities for involvement.

Why do we want your input?

So that we plan an effective public engagement process, we want to first understand your concerns and views. This is your community, your school, or your children that may be affected, so your thoughts and opinions are very important. We are just starting to plan the public engagement process, and as soon as we
have dates for events and meetings, we’ll let you know right away. Once we get started, we’ll invite you to participate in both our online and face‐to‐face engagement processes.

What is Sector Planning?

A Sector Planning Review is about managing student space. Sector planning is a review of all school space within Edmonton Public Schools to address areas of low enrolment, low class size, and a surplus of school space.

• Sectors are geographic areas of the City, and the three sectors under review in 2010 are the West 1, Central and South Central sectors.
• The goal of the review is to make the best possible use of resources so that students in all areas of the city
have access to vibrant schools and a range of programming opportunities.

• Sector review might mean change.

• Possible outcomes of a sector review include status quo, consolidation or reconfiguration of schools in a
sector, or possible closure.

An external consulting firm, Dialogue Partners Inc., will be working with us to involve parents, families, organizations and community members in the public engagement program.

How can you get involved?

Answer the questions ‐ Dialogue Partners Inc. will be conducting interviews and receiving email and
hand written responses to interview questions. The questions are noted here in this letter, and we would really appreciate hearing from you by April 16, 2010.

Join the contact list – include your name on your response to the attached questions, or send an
email to

Check the website ‐ The website will be updated regularly. More information about the West 1,
Central, and South Central sectors is available on the website at

Watch for notices – Regular Notices will be sent home with students and to community organizations.

Participate – In April, May and June, there will be opportunities for involvement, including forums,
workbooks and online input. We’ll let you know as soon as we have dates and times.

If you have questions about the public engagement process, please contact Dialogue Partners Inc. by
emailing or calling toll free 1‐866‐269‐1276. If you have questions for
Edmonton Public Schools about the sector planning review project, please contact Lorne Parker,
Managing Director, Student Planning and Transportation by email at or by
calling 780‐429‐8426.

Edmonton Public Schools is committed to the following in the Sector Planning Review:

• Sharing information on the facts and figures relating to current use of school space
• Talking with the community about school space
• Involving the community in identifying sector specific considerations and options for school space use in the future.
• Discussing the outcomes and impacts of sector review ‐ including status quo, consolidation or reconfiguration, or possible closure of schools in each sector.

Tell Us What You Think – Answer These Questions

We really want to fully understand all the issues that are important to you regarding Sector Planning
Review. We will use the information we gather to help us plan a meaningful public engagement

You can respond by:

• Send an email to and note the question numbers in your email with your response.
• Fax your hand written answers to us: 1‐613‐724‐2450.
• Drop off your responses to the office in your local school – we’ll arrange to pick them up.
• If you have questions, you can call us toll free at 1‐866‐269‐1276

Please reply by APRIL 20, 2010.

1. Have you previously been involved with Edmonton Public Schools in a school review or school

closure process? If so, please tell us about your experience.

2. What, if any, information or knowledge do you have about the sector planning review project

that is about to begin?

3. Have you been involved with an organization on these issues? If so, to what extent and what

has been your role?

4. What issues relating to a review of school space are most important to you? Of those issues you

have mentioned, are there any that are more important to you than others?

5. Do you have ideas you can share with us about how space is used, how much and which space

is needed, and what might be done with closed space?

6. What other organizations or individuals do you think might be interested or have a stake in this

sector planning review discussion?

7. What are the interests or concerns of those individuals or organizations, as you see them?

8. Who else do you think the consulting team should be sure to speak with or hear from?

9. Do you have specific suggestions for us to consider in the public engagement process?

10. Do you have other comments, ideas, suggestions you would like to make?

11. Would you like to be added to the Sector Planning Review contact list?





Organization (if applicable):

Do you have children in school? YES NO

If so, what school do your children attend?

What area of the City do you live in?

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