Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta

Reprinted, from Ken Chapman of Cambridge Strategies---  I will be attending the June 1 public lecture and hope to see you there too!

We live in challenging, changing, and uncertain times. Fortunately, Albertans have the strengths, stability and stamina to deal with these volatile times. We have the resources needed to plan the next Alberta in ways that are adaptive, deliberative and wise.

That vision inspired a public lecture in Calgary (May 31) and in Edmonton (June 1) entitled “Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta.” We have three internationally renowned expert speakers. Gwynne Dyer author of “Climate Wars,” David Peat, author of “From Certainty to Uncertainty” and Scott Murray, a literacy expert and researcher who has studied impacts and implications of low literacy levels on Alberta’s economy and competitiveness.

These speakers are very familiar with Alberta. They will share perceptions, trends and ideas about the potential of a learning culture in our province. It will be an informative and engaging evening with a focus on how we go about “Learning Our Way to the Next Alberta” together. Space is limited so we encourage early registration.

There is also a 1-day Symposium in Edmonton June 2 with these speakers and education, industry and government policy people who can share ideas of a learning culture including impact on Individuals and Community, Work and the Economy, Governance and Politics and Emerging Technologies. Let us know if you are interested in attending the Symposium too.

For more information and online registration please CLICK HERE. As always, space is limited.

Please forward this email to any of your friends colleagues who may be interested in a conversation about the place of learning in the next Alberta.

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