Monday, May 31, 2010

One-stop shopping for EPSB info

Added later in the day: OOPS! Turns out this link below is for internal use and you need an EPSB password to access it. I will look into seeing how many of these documents are already available in other locations and how many more could be "released" for public viewing. I was excited about this page because it was all in one location and I think that's what parents need and want.  Stay tuned!

In this age of information-overload, it's no wonder we have a hard time finding things. I've been on the Board for three years and have only just TODAY discovered this vital link for parents. It's one-stop shopping for information on everything and anything related to education:

There is info on Agendas, our Mission, Budgets, Basis of Allocation, Audits, Respectful Learning Environment (with complaint form), Technology, School Zone, Transportation, Assessment, Metro Continuing education, suspensions...the list is long and I'm not going to hyperlink them all.

As you scroll down you will see publications for parents with children who have special education needs. Here you will find the Handbook to Creative Inclusive School Communities:

How to Write Successful IPP's
and more.

Clearly, this is the first page I should have written about... but I didn't even know it existed. Please bookmark this page. The more informed you are, the better able you will be to support your child's learning and advocate on their behalf.


Paul Turnbull said...

Those would be great but they appear to internal pages accessible only EPSB staff. :)

missmarble said...

It appears that the content is only available with an EPSB login.

Sue Huff said...

Hmm...I was told it was accessible by anyone. I'll look into this. Sorry for the delay...

Sue Huff said...

Found one public link to document cited: Inclusive School Communities Handbook.