Monday, May 17, 2010

Update- Sector Reviews (re: possible school closures)

Update from Dialogue Partners re: upcoming Sector Reviews. Please pass this on to anyone who lives in the mature neighbourhoods of Edmonton- central, west and south (of the river) central.

Hello -

We are writing with an update and some important information on the Edmonton Public Schools Sector Planning Reviews in Central, South Central and West 1 Sectors.

1. REMINDER - Workshop - Public Engagement 101 - What to Expect, How to Participate
Are you a member of a parent council, community league or community organization? We are holding TWO workshops on May 19, 2010 specifically for you. We'll share information, talk together about public engagement, and answer your questions about the process.

- Session 1 - 9am-12pm, Robbins Health Learning Centre,
Grant MacEwan University, room 9-207, 10910 - 104 Avenue (Sue will be attending this session)

- Session 2 - 7pm-9pm, Centre for Education, One Kingsway (AKA Blue Building attached to Victoria School)

Please be sure to RSVP your attendance to as space is limited and we want to be sure we have enough materials for everyone.

2. Workbooks
Starting last week an online fillable pdf version of the workbook was available in the library on the website and a small number of hard copies have been distributed in schools. The workbook provides important information and facts and asks lots of questions. Tell us what is important to you about your community and use of school space. Share ideas, issues and concerns that you think should be included in sector review.

Note: for the online fillable version you will need Adobe version 5 or higher, which you can download free (the link is on the website).

We'd like to sincerely apologize for an error in the West 1 elementary school attendance area map on printed copies of the workbook. The Youngstown area says "3" and it should say "224". (This error has been corrected in the online version).

3. Community Forums

Attend a community forum to discuss what is working well in area schools, what can be improved, and your ideas, issues and concerns about school space use specific to YOUR area.

May 29 Strathcona School - South Central Sector

9 am - 12:30 pm 10450-72 Avenue

June 5 Ross Sheppard School - West 1 Sector

9 am - 12:30 pm 13546-111 Avenue

June 19 Victoria School - Central Sector

9 am -12:30 pm 10210 - 108 Avenue NW

4. City of Edmonton / Edmonton Public Schools - Thinking and Working Together

Edmonton Public Schools Planning staff have been meeting with City of Edmonton staff regarding a number of projects and initiatives over the last two and a half months. Since March 1, 2010, EPSB planners have met with City representatives on fifteen separate occasions to discuss topics ranging from the joint use of schools, the REACH Report, City project proposals on school sites, and neighbourhood developments and improvements. The City is represented on the Sector Planning Public Engagement Advisory Committee which will meet during the sector reviews to provide input into the public consultation process. Planners have also responded to 18 Land Development Applications that concern district schools. Near the end of June, a strategic meeting with City of Edmonton senior management will be held to discuss the current sector reviews underway. (Sue's note: at the governance level, all three levels of government- city, province and school board- will be meeting on May 21 to discuss the issue of school space.)

5. Public Engagement Process - What is Happening and When?

You can find an outline of the entire process, with all of the opportunities to participate over the next 6 months, posted in the key dates section on the website here

Kind Regards,
The Team at Dialogue Partners

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