Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sector Reviews- info for you

First things first, West 1 is having a sector review community consultation THIS SATURDAY, June 5 at Ross Shep High School, 13546 111 Avenue. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, because I will be at the Public School Board Association of Alberta conference in Red Deer. I understand the one held last weekend in South Central drew about 80 people. (I think we can do better!) Please feel free to send me an email after you've attended to let me know what you thought.

On the website ( you can now find the agenda for the meeting in the Library section:  (check under "Community Consultations").

Also contained in this Link above are:
Fillable workbook (will be accepted until June 18- have you done yours yet?)
The workbook translated in Mandarin
Questions and Answers (from the public at the June 1 meeting)
Evaluation reports (from the June 1, Public Engagement 101 sessions)
International Association for Public  Participation- Spectrum, Code of Ethics and Values. As I stated before EPSB is committed to the INVOLVE level on the Spectrum. (not beyond, that is, NOT COLLABORATE or EMPOWER.)

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